Christmas FM keeping the dream alive until the new year

Christmas Day may be over but it’s not over yet at Christmas FM. We are here for you today on your radio and then will be broadcasting live online from the 27th December until the 31st.

So put those new speakers you got from generous aul Santa to good use and join us. 

Research shows music lowers the stress hormone cortisol and we reckon this effect is multiplied many times with Christmas songs on the decks.

We have all your fav Christmas tunes ready to roll and our presenters will be reading out your text messages live (the two euro cost supports the Magic of Christmas appeal) so text us on XMAS followed by a space and then your message to 50300.

“Why must you stop transmitting on FM, I want to listen to you in the car”, some of you may wail. 

Well, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) each year grants us a 30-day temporary sound broadcasting licence which starts from noon the 28th November to 26th December. We do not want to leave you all so soon, and the truth is we love what we do, so instead we are migrating online, and you can still listen to us on your phone if you are in your car.

Stephen’s Day is top lounging about time with the annual Christmas survey from CPL Talent Solutions and Christmas FM finding just over 60 percent of respondents said their St Stephen’s Night consisted of a cosy night in. 

So why not keep Christmas FM on today and for the next few days, whatever you are up to, and let the likes of Brenda Lee and Bing Crosby keep the festive spirit on the boil.

We have fun at Christmas FM but the reason we are here is to raise money for charity. And you can still donate online till mid January when we tally up the amount raised. Donations will go toward supporting charities Barnardos, Barretstown, Make-A-Wish Ireland and The Community Foundation for Ireland through The Magic of Christmas appeal.

So happy Stephen’s Day to all our terrific listeners out there. And we hope you let the team at Christmas FM swish you into a prosperous 2024. 

Christmas FM are in it with you as we welcome in the new year. We are always better together. So come on 2024, we are ready for you!

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