Here’s how to experience the magic of Europe’s Christmas markets in 2020

Christmas markets are a huge part of many people’s festive traditions and it’s quite heartbreaking to think that many of the most iconic ones will not go ahead this year due to the coronavirus.

Even Germany’s world-famous Nuremberg Christmas market has been cancelled for the first time since WWII.

But don’t despair because all is not lost.

If visiting one of these glorious markets is an annual event in your Christmas calendar, you can still do it in 2020 – you’ll just be doing it from the comfort of your own home.

Sure, there might be a little more work involved on your end to create the sights and sounds but you can do it. Couple of scented candles, a glass of mulled wine and a plate of Stollen from Aldi and you’ll barely notice the difference!

Christmas market

Berlin is usually home to several Christmas markets and if you’ve never been there before, now you can virtually visit the one at Charlottenburg Palace with a 360-degree tour.

The tour is also available in a VR format so if you’ve got a the VR glasses at home, choose this version for a truly immersive experience!

Alternatively, you can check out this video from 2019 of the top three markets in Berlin….

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world so it stands to reason that it’s home to one of the largest and most impressive Christmas markets in the world.

Der Kleine Eistraum, which means Little Ice Dream, is a quintessential yuletide market and now people from all over the world can appreciate it in all its glory.

Sit back, relax and explore the ice rink, charming Christmas stalls and sparkling decor in this virtual walk and talk tour.

If you’ve ever seen Love Actually or Last Christmas, you’ll know that London is quite stunning around the holidays.

With this one-minute video tour, you can wander down the wonderfully festive Oxford Circus and check out the twinkling lights and impressive ornaments in Covent Garden.

You can also enjoy the best London Christmas markets in this day-to-night tour!

And if you were planning to take the kids to see Santa this year, never fear – Santa Claus Village is here! (well, it’s in Lapland actually but you know what I mean.)
You can watch a livestream of this winter wonderland and even more impressively, the village also produces Santa Television with video updates from the man himself!

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