First Snow Brings Joy to Ireland

First Snow Brings Joy to Ireland

By: Emily Brew

“Snow is falling…all around me…”.

You could almost hear the first line of the famous Shakin’ Stevens song echo through Twitter tonight when the first snow of the festive season fell across most of Ireland.

The country was united in joy as social media started flooding with videos and photos of snow falling, with Dubliners on lower ground particularly delighted to be part of the action.

People left their homes in their PJ’s to get out and enjoy what could be the only #sneachta we see this Christmas.

#Sneachta became the most enjoyable hashtag of the evening!

And people had an opportunity to show off their fabulous gardens!

And the wonders of nature…

Earlier today Met Éireann forecast “treacherous conditions” on Thursday night and a severe frost setting in quickly along with some icy stretches along with bitterly cold temperatures of -5 to -2 degrees.

A yellow warning of snow/ice is in place for Dublin and Wicklow from 9pm on Thursday ending at 6am on Friday. The same warning is in place for Donegal until noon on Saturday.

If you’re traveling tomorrow, mind yourself on the road…and if you’re not, enjoy what’s left of the #sneachta!

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