Get inspired with these tree-mendous Christmas conifers

It’s now less than three weeks until Christmas Day, which means you can probably stop worrying about whether it’s too soon to stick your favourite piece of December decor in the living room corner. And if it’s hard for you to start thinking about clearing a space and getting your baubles and tinsel out, you might take some inspiration from some of those around the world who’ve already found a place for Santa to leave some presents.

A Lego Christmas tree in Legoland Malaysia is now the tallest Lego Christmas tree in Asia. Over the weekend, General Manager of Legoland Malaysia Young Pil Kim lit up the Christmas tree to mark the start of the ‘Brick-Tacular’ holiday celebration. The Christmas tree, which is 9m tall, took 3,440 hours to build.


In Leicestershire, England, a Christmas tree festival has broken its own record for the most number of trees in a church. St Mary’s in Melton Mowbray, which hosts an annual tree festival, had a whopping 1,378 specimens on its land – 124 more than last year – as part of a charity drive, and the number of trees on the site is thought to be the largest in the country. The festival, which raised £20,000 for charity in 2015, started with 100 trees 14 years ago. However, not all the trees are real with one made of miniature beds and another of a rotating ladder and twisted metal.


And a UK woman has paid tribute to the huge number of beloved celebrities who died in 2016 by turning into them into angel decorations to hang on her Christmas tree. But as well as adding angel wings to stars including David Bowie, Prince and Victoria Wood, she also gave the EU and a Toblerone pride of place on the tree.

The 36-year-old from York, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I wanted to pay tribute and I wanted to cheer everybody up – 2016 has been a difficult year. Other famous faces featured on the woman’s tree are American entertainer David Gest, who died in April, ‘Hallelujah’ singer Leonard Cohen, Willy Wonka star Gene Wilder and broadcaster Terry Wogan.

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