Hate Bountys? You can now get Celebrations tubs without them!

There's always one flavour left over in the tub of Christmas sweets that nobody wants.

And in Celebrations tins, it would seem that particular sweet is none other than the miniature Bounty!

New UK research shows that the sweet is ranked lowest among Brits aged 18-24 with the Malteaser reigning supreme with 63% saying it was their favourite!

In fact, if you live in Britain, you’ll have the option to swap your unwanted Bountys for Malteasers as part of Mars Inc.’s Bounty Return Scheme.  Ah here, lads….

Love them or hate them, Bountys have always been a divisive chocolate in the tin, so much so, that the company has decided to create a box completely free of the coconut confection.

A bit extreme but alright.

This special tub from Pal Pack comes gift wrapped with a Doug the Bounty Hunter card, and all Bountys meticulously removed with gloved hands in a pristine environment.

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Sadly, the last day to get your order in before Christmas has passed. However, if the campaign to #BinTheBounty is successful, we have no doubt that there will be even more Bounty-less Celebration tubs available for Christmas 2022!

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