This is what Irish people love most about the holiday season!

On any normal year, there’s a LOT to love about Christmas – nights out with friends, work parties, huge family gatherings, mince pies and mulled wine, drive-in Christmas movies….the list is endless.

But 2020 is not an ordinary year and so it’s no surprise that a recent survey found that the thing Irish people are most excited about this December 25th is eating Christmas dinner with their families.

The Tesco Christmas Trends report discovered that 47% of us are most looking forward to sitting around the table with the family, with 64% saying that they would be celebrating within their household this year.

According to the research, conducted by Core Research, the part of the dinner we enjoy the most is the turkey (31%) with stuffing coming in next (15%), followed closely by roast potatoes (14%).

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The Tesco Ireland customer marketing director Cathal Deavy observed that the results showed a return to traditions that were enjoyed in previous years.

‘An awful lot has changed over the past eight months and we don’t know for certain what is to come,’ he said, ‘but what we do know is that people are looking forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas no matter what shape it may take.’

Other fun findings of the 1,000 person survey showed that the beginning of December is the most popular time to start putting up the tree and decorating the house (55%) and that only 4% of us leave until Christmas week to do our present shopping.

If any of you are in that 4%, you might want to rethink it this year. Or else make sure to click the ‘Next Day Delivery’ box!

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