The Magic of a Brown Paper Bag!

School is nearly finished for the festive season but there is still time to add a bit of Christmas Pizzazz to the school lunches. All you will need is a brown paper bag and a few other bits and bobs. More specifically, you are about to build a portable Rudolph!

Not only does this make a fantastic lunch box idea, this can be replicated as fun Christmas goodie bags, or leading up to the big day, you can fill the paper bag with a fun festive treat for the kiddies to discover. There are many different versions of this easy arts and crafts idea so choose your favourite and go for it!

Santa and the elves get a lot of the attention over the Christmas period, it’s time to give Rudolph a moment in the spot light, because leading the Sleigh on Christmas night is just not enough.

Happy Rudolph-ing!


Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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