These Are The Seven Best Things About Christmas Day

Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year and it’s hard to believe that it’s all in aid of one day – the 25th of December.

Christmas Day can be an anticlimax for some people after the frenetic build up, but we absolutely love it!

Here are seven of our favourite things about that all important occasion:

1. Opening presents

No matter your age, it’s always thrilling to see beautifully wrapped presents with your name on them.

Here’s hoping Santa got your letter in time!

2. The fun of seeing what everyone else got!

As well as revelling in your own good fortune, it’s always great fun to see what presents everyone else got.

Seeing their joy at the gift you bought for them is even better than the feeling you get when you open your own prezzies!

3. Eating Christmas dinner

For many of us, the crowning glory of Christmas Day is the epic dinner that takes place once a year.

Talk about a feast! Turkey, gravy, ham, potato stuffing, brussel sprouts, plum pudding, brandy butter, mince pies – it really is the best meal ever.

4. The brilliant TV films!

We love getting the TV guide the week before Christmas Day so we can get a good look at all the amazing specials, documentaries and films scheduled for the holidays.

Now all you have to do is record everything so you don’t miss them!

5. Munching on chocolate all afternoon

There are so many gorgeous chocolates to choose from but when it comes to a good old-fashioned Irish Christmas, you’ll rarely find a home without a tub of Roses in it!

Then again, we won’t say no to a box of Milk Tray either…

6. Flaking out for the afternoon with nothing to do!

After the hectic few weeks leading up to Christmas, there’s nothing quite like flaking out on the couch after dinner and doing absolutely nothing.

You’ve nowhere to be, nothing to plan and no responsibilities apart from boiling the kettle or going out to get more coal for the fire!

7. Playing charades/cards/Monopoly with your family

christmas day

Depending on how tired you are, this can be incredibly frustrating or incredibly funny!

Sure look it, have a go and if you get canned in the first round, you can always take solace in the tin of chocolates…

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