10 Ways To Stay Stress-Free During The Christmas Madness!

We love Christmas but few times of the year put the body and mind under such stress.

There is pressure to meet up with people, pressure to buy people gifts, pressure to be cheerful. You’re probably eating more rich and sugary foods which will make you feel even worse. Even hard core Christmas lovers who put up their tree on the day of the RTE Toy Show will admit the festive season can be emotionally draining at times.

However, Christmas can also be a relaxing time if you are mindful of not sweating the small stuff. Here  are ways to keep things less hectic and keep stress to a minimum over the hols.

1. Focus on the present moment

Dublin-based Tai Chi instructor Eugene Banks advises the only route to happiness in this crazy world is to live in the present moment. What are you fearful about? A scrap breaking out between your sister in law and your mum at Christmas dinner over the gravy? Well is this happening right now? If not then do not expend anxiety on this, you will cope when the time comes.

He suggests when you feel overwhelmed over the festive season to sit in a room and take ten minutes to empty your mind, close your eyes and reconnect with the earth’s energy. And maybe look into taking up Tai Chi so next year you’ll have no issues with your mid racing over possible things that can go wrong.

2. Stick to a budget

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, results happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.” – Charles Dickens’s character Wilkins Micawber got it in one. Don’t spend what you don’t have this Chrimbo. That golden rule will save you a lot of stress.

3. Just say ‘No’


You don’t have to go to every event you’re invited to. It is ok to take it easy and watch TV, or stay home and read your book or climb into the scratcher at 9pm over the festive season if that is what you want to do. Though do force yourself to attend a couple of social occasions as most of the time you won’t regret it. It’s good to talk but also good to know your limits.

4. Accept what you can’t control

Flights will be cancelled, trains will be delayed, shops will be out of stock and certain relatives will always hold wild political views.

Accept what you can’t control and take back control of how you react to stressors. Let them glide over you because everything is temporary and that nothing lasts forever.

5. Schedule in some ‘Me Time’

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Make time for doing what you enjoy. A swim, a run, a walk or even just picking up a coffee and reading the paper. There will always be housework, always be tasks, always be demands on your time and attention – if you don’t put yourself first nobody will.

6. Limit your expectations

It’s always best to keep your expectations low of most things in life and to take enjoyment from the little things. A dry, cold, bright morning perfect for a walk. A joke and a chat over a cuppa. These are the golden moments, not the big ones. They’ll never live up to the hype

7. Get out for a walk or a run

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Turn off the video games and get out for a walk – it’s great for your physical and mental health – and even the most casual stroll can give you a boost.

Many people report feeling better and brighter after going out for a walk, and this is backed up by research. Mind, the UK mental health charity, published a study that compared the results of exercise in the great outdoors with a stroll inside a shopping centre.  Seven out of ten respondents reported decreased levels of depression and said they felt less tense after taking a walk in a green environment.

8. to get a good night’s sleep and keep diet as balanced as possible

Things always seem more manageable after a good rest. And just because it is Christmas there is no reason to over indulge. You can still enjoy yourself and have the treats but there is a diminishing return on everything in life really. So have a mince pie but no need to wolf six.

9. Ask for help

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Don’t put pressure on yourself for perfection. Nobody will notice if the napkins are Halloween ones. Ask any kids in the house to help – well those over six anyway – and if you are that person who always does the washing up just don’t do it and see what happens.


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