Super presents you may not think of

Presents can let you down. They look all pretty wrapped up but then that little box ends up as earrings you would not wear in a million years or workout shorts that are four sizes too big/small. 

It is usually nice to receive a book, even just because it means someone thinks you are the sort of person who reads. Sometimes you might get it wrong but that’s ok as they can always re-gift but when someone buys you clothes, that’s always a risk. 

It goes wrong more than it goes right, probably. Nobody knows what you like to wear just like you do. Same with shoes. If the gift need to be returned, this is a hassle inflicted on the receiver, or worse, it sits in a bag in the wardrobe forever waiting to be returned? 

Clothes and shoes and jewelry, they often they miss the mark. And if you ask them what they want and learn it’s, say, light blue Lululemon legging in size ten but that’s then again that’s not a gift, that’s a demand.

Why not think of something handy that is guaranteed to be used even if it is not something you immediately would put on your list. These are often the winners that people appreciate the most.

A brown bin cleaning voucher – there are companies who will arrive at your home and clean your brown bin. Why not pre-pay for a loved one. Everyone wants a cleaner bin in 2024, they just don’t know it until it happens.

A car wash – sort out pre-payment at your local car wash place, and include a tip, and then arrange for your loved one’s car to get the full treatment. Nothing creates that “I am ready for what life has to throw at me this year” feeling than having your car freshly cleaned.

Pay for a cleaner to give your loved one’s house a good scrub. If they already have a cleaner then arrange a window cleaner. Clean windows are like a clean car – an instant injection of that feeling of feeling sorted in life.

Pay for a voucher for a facial / haircut / nails done

A year supply of dishwasher tablets/washing up liquid to free up the household budget for treats. Trust us on this one.

An annual subscription to a newspaper. There are good deals to be had. You can get a paper posted each weekend and online access for less than a big night out. People who may not subscribe left to their own devices will end up getting a lot of use out of this one.
A new hoover (though have you seen the price of decent hoovers?)

A really good electric toothbrush and loads of those little brushes

A voucher for their fav coffee shop. Those free flat whites in January when everyone is broke will be extra enjoyable.

A voucher for their fav takeaway – likewise on a rainy Thursday in January getting sushi/ Indian/ pizza will feel extra decadent.

A cup with a mug of yourself and your loved one on it and write a letter to say how much they mean to you. Awh… who could not be thrilled with this gift.

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