This Unique Christmas Tree Idea is Egg-cellent!


I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to Christmas I’m a traditionalist. I don’t appreciate change at this time of year. So if a friend were to casually approach me to tell me they have built a Christmas tree out of egg cartons…well I think I would firstly question how much mulled wine they consumed in the last twenty-four hours and then I would try and be open minded (try, being the operative word).

I think it is definitely one of those things that is near to impossible to imagine. Let me clear that up for you with the picture below. It actually looks pretty fantastic. So hypothetically if I were ever to diverge dramatically away from the traditional Christmas tree, I think I would have to give this a go.


Here are the reasons why:

  1. It is a great way of egg-spressing your love and appreciation for the environment!
  2. The rate that I eat poached eggs would mean that collecting the cartons would be egg-straordinarily over easy.
  3. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of arts and crafts? Fair enough, a lot of people hate it. But not me, I love it, it’s hard to eggsplain.
  4. This unique christmas tree can be prepared months in advance. It is eggs-actly what you are looking for, for a very egg-ficient Christmas!

Ok. I’ll stop now.

I’m only yoking. I’ll take a different appoach from now on.

Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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