Do you want to build a snowman?


Every year we wish for a white Christmas, most years we do not receive. Even though if it did snow we would probably find someway of struggling to complete our daily lives or complain about it after two days; ‘I mean, it’s great until is turns to grey sludge!’ or ‘I slipped on the ice the other day, I HATE SNOW!’

Alright calm down.

So chances are we won’t get an opportunity to build a snowman or frozen kingdom out of real snow this year. So in the comfort of your own home, in front of the fire, where the real Olaf would most likely disintegrate fairly fast…you can still build your own snowman. Yes, I know, it seems anything is possible these days.

All you need is dice, paper, a pen (or maybe some colouring pencils if you’re feeling funky) and some friends or family members. You are bound to have the majority of those things…I hope. This game is commonly known as Roll a Snowman. The numbers on the dice should reference the different parts of the snowman. Like this:


The first person to roll the dice to create a complete snowman, carrot n’ all, wins. The idea is that everyone draws the snowman as they go and can show off their work of art at the very end of the game! A prize for the Best in Snow perhaps? 

Happy snowman rolling!

Written by Kris Kindle Katie

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