WATCH: Scientist explains how Santa and his reindeer actually fly!

It is mind-blowing to think about how Santa and his reindeer fly around the world in one night.

The magic of Santa Claus and his flying friends is truly amazing but their epic sky-bound journey is something that has been puzzling scientists for years. 

So much so, that they wanted to understand how the North Pole team did it!

Scientist and broadcaster Philip Smyth attended the Virgin Media studios earlier this December, armed with a balloon, a hairdryer, a giant ring of magnets and some liquid nitrogen to show us how he and the rest of the scientific world think Santa and his team have managed to do the impossible. 

The results are pretty conclusive. Check it out for yourself….



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So, it would appear that there are a lot of top-level quantum physicists on Santa’s sleigh team. Not that surprising really, is it? 

Click here to watch the experiment in full. That’s all the proof we need – thanks Phil!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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