What should you get him for Christmas…?

Christmas time, mistletoe & wine…the children singin…Oh hello!

I got lost in my own thoughts there starting this blog post because it is that time of the year again, CHRISTMAS!

Every Christmas we gather around the fire, we sing and chat and reminisce…was that just my family?

What normally happens every Christmas is we exchange presents, presents that we normally don’t like because the person getting it didn’t have a clue as to what to get you.

Well this year will be different, this year I’m going to let you in a on a little secret….what men love getting for Christmas.


Yes you heard me, Socks!

The simplest present but most useful present you can get a guy, think about it – Christmas morning, its cold, it’s wet or maybe it’s snowing. You open up a rack of presents that are pretty cool but you have to rush back upstairs to put on a pair of socks as your feet are getting cold.

The feeling, though, that one could open up a present that had socks alongside that new video game you wanted or that new book you wanted – heaven!

Wash set


Usually around Christmas time it’s saving money time, you scratch together any pennies you have to go towards a present or at the very least a few drinks over the holidays!

What’s par for the course in this instance is the follow on you being broke coming up to the big day. You start buying the bargain deodorants and shampoos so as a result what is so simple but so worthwhile. The premium aftershave alongside Nivea shampoo, Christmas day just doesn’t get better!



Okay this just a personal favourite of mine but I love books at Christmas!

A friend of mine at Christmas and I, we always discuss the latest sports books to get at Christmas. It’s a bit sad I know but this is a tradition that many more men engage in and frankly it makes the holidays.

Depending on what sort of genre the person receiving the book likes you can source them from nearly anywhere in the world, most importantly though remember – get the book not the e book!

Box Set


Picture the scene, the dinner has been eaten, the songs have been sung, the talk has been talked but now you want peace and quiet.

Enter the sitting room and see on the table in front of the telly – all 4 seasons of Love/Hate…required viewing after a lovely dinner.

The box set, the one present which is universally popular. The one present that will solve the conundrum, what to do on Christmas night? You could be that saviour, buy that box set!

Funny hats

What do we want? Funny hats! When do we want them? Now!

The one source of warmth we can through the winter is knowing we have the woollies to keep us toasty. What is an added bonus is if the hat is a funny looking one!

Big small young or old it doesn’t matter!

The more Christmassy the better but also the more frills and funnier looking they are the more brownie points!

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