The Cpl Talent Solutions Christmas FM Survey

Here are three reasons why you should fill in the Cpl Talent Solutions Christmas FM Survey for 2023

If you are curious how your approach to Christmas compares to everyone else – your festive decor, how much you shell out on presents, any efforts to be sustainable?  

What will cause the family fight in your house?  Important information all of it and you get to see the results of everyone who has filled in the survey to date immediately.

Second reason – well, it’s always interesting to learn how we live now and it is not just questions about tinsel – we look at if you go out on Stephen’s day or are you too tired, do you attend a religious service and is everyone on the hunt for a new job in January, or is that just you?!

The survey is like a mini census on the festive season and how we feel about it, but you don’t have to wait a year to see the results. 

It’s easy to take part in the Cpl Talent Solutions Christmas FM Survey 2023 – simply complete all the questions and enter your details.  

Head to this link below to fill in – it will take you two minutes max.

Third reason!! you could be in with a chance of winning a €200 gift card for entering –  with thanks to Cpl Talent Solutions.

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