Charity Applications Process 2019.

The application process for becoming our Charity Partner in 2019 is open from March 1st and we are accepting applications until 5pm, April 30th.

We don’t have an application form to complete. We require a proposal with a soft copy and a hard copy to be sent to the contact addresses below. The proposal should clearly outline why you feel you are the perfect fit for Christmas FM’s Charity Partner 2019.

We will accept applications during this period. The deadline is 5pm, April 30th 2019.

We require a charity to send us a proposal bearing in mind the following points:

  • The appeal of the charity’s work within or outside of Ireland to our listeners nationwide. The charity needs to have nationwide appeal.
  • The charity is an Irish based charity registered in Ireland.
  • The goal of the campaign, whether it’s fundraising, awareness or both and how that can be delivered to our listeners. If we go with an awareness campaign instead of, or as well as a fundraising campaign this year, how do you see both or either working? How can the awareness be measured?
  • Is the charity looking to resource and fund a large single project or help many small individual needs?
  • The ability to demonstrate the ring fencing of the donations for a specific cause within the charity and to report at the end of the following year to Christmas FM on the use of funds and success of the campaign. Full disclosure of the use of funds will be required.
  • The appeal and “the ask” to the listener. Will the charity connect with the listener?
  • How to portray case studies on the radio in short bite sized recordings such as 30, 40 or 60 seconds.
  • The resources to run the campaign in partnership with the station For example, taking calls on our donation day? How many lines and personnel are available?
  • The PR ability that the charity can offer in order to raise awareness of the campaign and the station. Is there an in house or external PR/social media team that can work on the campaign
  • Ability to supply running data reporting for donations on a weekly basis during and after the campaign for a) donation tallies and b) digital data reporting through analytics.
  • Outside of this proposed campaign, what percentage of each charitable donation goes to the charitable purpose (e.g. out of every €1 collected, 11c might go to run the charity)
  • The charity must be registered as compliant with the charities act by the charities regulator.

Due to the volume of enquiries and applications we receive each year, we are unable to meet any applicants during the process.

If your application is successful in the first round, we will notify your charity at which point these charities will then progress to a short-list for round two.

We hope some of these guidelines help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have our email address below.


Closing date for submissions is 5pm, April 30th


Postal Address:

Christmas FM,
Unit A11
Kingswood Business Park
D22 H798

Please submit a soft copy to this email address and a hard copy to the postal address above.

enquiries to: