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Ronan O’Brien


Ronan O’Brien started his Radio career at the young age of 15 on Pulse 103 FM in Dublin and worked on several other stations throughout the nineties and naughties.

He’s had a passion for Radio and Club DJing ever since. Recently his DJ career has been side lined as another hobby being an entrepreneur has taken up more and more of his time. Ronan is the CEO of Zatori Results Ltd, founder of , and is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

When he’s not trying to cheat his way onto Santa’s Good list or behind the mic at Christmas FM, Ronan is busy trying to emulate his favourite cartoon character from Pinky and the Brain – although we’ve yet to figure out which character of the two it is.

Ronan’s favourite Christmas songs are

Last Christmas by Wham

Don’t Shoot Me Santa by The Killers

His guilty pleasure remains a mystery but staff at Christmas FM reckon he loves a bit of Jessica Simpson Let It Snow.

Ronan’s Elf name is Roo Rabby Rumble.